Thank you to our generous sponsor!

InterpatMx is giving its first steps as an organization of heritage interpreters in Mexico and cooperating with GAHI and all the organizations involved in the Forum of Interpretation in Las Americas has been an outstanding experience! Thanks to GAHI, InterpatMx Members have a great opportunity to participate more closely with this worldwide community of interpreters. We feel very grateful!


Collaboration and partnership development between interpretive organizations around the world is incredibly valuable to the Interpretive Guides Association. This profession and our members who are actively engage in it greatly benefit from the relationships that are built through these processes. In order to continue to offer valuable training programs, professional development and certification we need to ensure our interpretive knowledge and understanding is as current and up to date as possible and this can most easily be achieved through the sharing of resources, research and the newest techniques in interpretive communications. We are keen to ensure this profession grows, develops credibly and becomes more well known in the future and the best way we believe to ensure this is by creating a stronger, more connected network of interpreters around the world.

Interpretive Guides Association

“A rising tide lifts all boats” – The National Association for Interpretation (NAI) believes working cooperatively across boundaries with our partner organizations in the Americas and around the world, such as the “Forum for Interpretation in the Americas,”  is a powerful way to provide inspiration, broaden our knowledge and lift up the field of interpretation to the benefit of all. 

National Association for Interpretation