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The global heritage interpretation community  is committed to using good interpretive practice to encourage people to understand, appreciate and protect the enormous reservoir of natural and cultural, tangible and intangible, heritage which is collectively our common wealth.

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New Interpretive Association Launches in Mexico

New Interpretive Association Launches in Mexico

GAHI congratulates and welcomes to the world stage a new interpretive association in Mexico, InterpatMx! Under the leadership of President Manuel Gándara Vázquez and Executive Director María Antonieta Jiménez Izarraraz, the Asociación Mexicana de Intérpretes del...

IE Conference Goes ONLINE!

IE Conference Goes ONLINE!

GAHI is excited to support IE and provide an update on the upcoming IE Conference on behalf of Interpret Europe: The IE conference 'Fostering heritage communities' was due to take place in Haapsalu, Estonia. Some weeks ago, it became clear that this would not be...

GAHI Website Goes Live!

GAHI Website Goes Live!

Welcome to the Global Alliance for Heritage Interpretation's brand new website. Over the next few months you will see a range of information, resources, articles and events added to the site to make this a rich and relevant place for you to be part of the "bigger...

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It is proposed that the global alliance starts as an informal and non-constituted federation of existing heritage interpretation membership organisations.


Acting as advocate for the profession.
Raising awareness of interpretation.
Supporting heritage interpretation associations or representative individuals


An alliance, formed for mutual benefit, among heritage interpretation membership associations whose relationship is founded on a similarity of interests, purposes, ethics and qualities and with the overall objective of sustaining and developing good interpretive practice worldwide.

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